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So what am I up to now I hear you ask?  Well once again I'm delighted to say I'm on my bike riding for a very worthy cause.  This time I've been invited by my friend Tony Abou-Ganim to join his team and ride 1000 miles in during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and raise money along the way for the Helen David Relief Fund.

1000 Miles as I'm sure your aware is more than my previous best of 750, but I'll give it my best shot!  As always I'll keep you all up to date through this blog and via the wonderful world of Instagram.

So please help us to reach our goal by donating via this link:

Thanks for your support,


October 31st 2020 - 50.27 Miles (Total Miles 1040.27)

So today we crossed the finish line, both in terms of the target of reaching 1000 miles this month, and also in terms of days remaining in October!

It's been an incredible month, and the camaraderie and support received from my friends on Team Negroni has been inspirational.  My legs need a rest but my spirits are high.

Thank you to everyone for your support and your donations, it's a truly worthy cause and we thank you for all of your contributions.

The 2nd half of the month stacked up like this...

October 30th - 17.15 Miles (Total 990)

October 29th - 41.03 Miles (Total 972.85)

October 28th - 37.87 Miles (Total 931.82)

October 27th - 38.87 Miles (Total 893.95)

October 26th - 37.7 Miles (Total 855.08)

October 25th - 36.24 Miles (Total 817.38)

October 24th - Rest Day

October 23rd - 37.68 Miles (Total 781.14) - Passed my previous best of 751 miles in a month today (Need a rest!)

October 22nd - 47.5 Miles (Total 743.46)

October 21st - 40.03 Miles (Total 695.96)

October 20th - 35.12 Miles (Total 655.93)

October 19th - 37.7 Miles (Total 855.08)

October 18th - Rest Day

October 17th - 26.08 (Total 580.64)

October 16th - 38.21 Miles (Total 554.56)

October 15th 2020 - 33.58 Miles (Total Miles 521.35 v Target +37.6)

Over halfway!!!! I passed the 500 mile mark today and that feels fantastic, every mile now is counting down to the finish line.  I even bumped into one of my favourite recording artists of all time on the trail (Prince painted on the telecom box), sadly not in person of course, but I did once see him perform live in London and that was a wonderful experience.  Even better news is that I'm now over 32.25 miles ahead of the daily target which means I can have a rest day and stay ahead of the game.  So I think Sunday might just see me put my feet up.

October 14th 2020 - 65.19 (Total Miles 487.77 v Target +36.27)

My longest day on a bike ever!  But it felt great, the weather was as perfect as it could have been and despite spending nearly 5 hours in the saddle it was actually no great hardship.  I still knew about it later mind you as I went a little jelly-legged.  The trail today pretty much took me everywhere in this corner of Texas, but highlights included a trip through Historic Grapevine.

October 13th 2020 - 35.04 Miles (Total Miles 422.58 v Target -3.33)

Out via the North Electric Trail and round through the Home Town Neighbourhood today, and a cruisy 35 miles happily ticked off the chart and moving closer to the halfway point.  But I did have an opportunity to enjoy a cheeky Ocean Spray Cosmopolitan at the end of my ride, as you do right?

October 12th 2020 - 40.23 Miles (Total Miles 387.54 v Target +0.54)

A fair bit of zig-zagging east & west today to try to negate the serious north-south wind, but it was another lovely clear day and the miles flew by, ended up doing 8 more than I'd planned, happy days!  The other thing that is great to see here is that people are really going the extra mile with their halloween decoration, and let's be honest if you don't have a full graveyard in your front yard you're just not taking it seriously enough!

October 11th 2020 - 16.64 Miles (Total Miles 347.31 v Target -7.44)

Well today's rest day didn't quite go according to plan, as my mate Dale said "let's go grab a coffee", which actually means let's go out on our bikes and stop for a coffee lol.  So I clocked up some bonus miles.

October 10th 2020 - 50.28 Miles (Total Miles 330.67 v Target +8.17)

A big (for me) 50 miler today.  Out on the road to Haslet and Alliance Airport (where they had an absolutely enormous military cargo plane sitting on the tarmac, very impressive!  Then up and across by Trophy Club and West Lake and around (via Starbucks obviously).  And finally ahead of the target schedule for the first time since Day 2.

October  9th 2020 - 35.03 Miles (Total Miles 280.39 v Target -9.86)

Another gorgeous day in Texas, I felt very fortunate indeed to have the opportunity to be out enjoying it on my bike that's for sure.  Whilst I was cruising around I actually went past a patch of like 100 pumpkins laid out ready for an event this weekend, which is something you don't see everyday, or at least I don't.  I actually thought about the pumpkins once I got home too, as in how much I could do with a large slice of it baked in a pie!!! Yum.  Anyway, I'm closing in on my target mileage, I'm less than 10 miles behind schedule now, and I still have tomorrow before a planned rest on Sunday.

October 8th 2020 - 35.57 Miles (Total Miles 245.36 v Target -12.64)

Surprisingly a nice breezy ride, considering I was assuming my legs might have lead in them after yesterday, I actually sailed along nicely with no issues.  Not many people around this morning but I did bump into a few bovine friends along the way, well this is Texas what do you expect!

October 7th 2020 - 50.32 Miles (Total Miles 209.79 v Target -15.96)

Out with my buddies Dale & Mike today on the long run up to Grapevine and I have to admit I felt it in my legs after the 30 mile point today.  But hey I got it done, and halved my deficit against target so I'm all smiles.  Tomorrow is a new day, and new miles to be enjoyed! 

October 6th 2020 - 35.16 Miles (Total Miles 159.47 v Target -34.03)

Just a little over the daily required average on 32.26 miles, but the key to this challenge is having 2 big days each week, the first of which will be tomorrow when I'll be aiming to hit 50.  Wish me luck!

October 5th 2020 - 33.92 Miles (Total Miles 124.31 v Target -36.94)

So after a brief weekend off to go to Scout Camp, where I finally Earned my sewing badge, we're back on the bike and ready to rock! (Wearing yet another funky outfit).

I cheeky little loosener to get the legs going as I aim to post my biggest week of all time, my previous best being 180 miles, this one will need to be at least 225 otherwise I'll be well off the pace to hit 1000 before the end of the month.

October 2nd 2020 - 45.16 Miles (Total Miles 90.39 v Target +25.89)

Not the warmest day I've ever ridden I'll be honest, it's not very often you need a wind-proof jacket in Texas.  This was an eventful day all-round in actual fact as in separate incidents I crashed, my chain came off and I got a front puncture, still at least it wasn't dull!

The First Day - October 1st 2020  (Total Miles 45.23 Miles v Target +12.98)

"So grab a bike and ride 1000 miles in 31 days" says my pal Tony, "Oh sure" I say.  

Well here it is, the first day, and you know what they say?  Every great journey begins with a single step, or a single pedal stroke in this case... so let's get this road on the show!


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