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I was once described by Theme Magazine as “The Jamie Oliver of Drink” and ranked 25th in the top 100 list of people to have shaped the bar business, which was very kind of them, but what's the rest of the story?

The short version is that I come from a small village in Yorkshire and decided I wanted to open bars in London, so off I went and did it.  Several years later I got the opportunity to do the same in some real interesting places like Istanbul, Mumbai and Hong Kong, before finding myself in small town Texas where I'm still making drinks today.

The long version is how other people tell it...

A 20 year veteran of the drinks industry, 15 of which spent managing a number of London’s finest drinking establishments. Pearson’s career has seen him experience numerous different service styles, from Roast (Borough Market, London) to 3 Michelin Star fine dining (W’Sens, Regent Street, London); via hotel bars in Asia (Rick’s, New Delhi) allowing him to gain a unique insight into international drinks culture.

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Latest Blog Post

12 Drinks of Christmas

So not everyone will partake in an alcoholic beverage at Christmas for a number of reasons, but I see no reason why they should miss out on the fun!  So here's a non alcoholic cocktail made by my daughter Amina, enjoy!
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Summertime Tipples


Mojito - Andy's Version

Everyone in the cocktail universe needs to know how to make this one, it's a must for your cocktail cabinet.
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A firm favourite with Carry, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, and indeed millions of other people too it would seem?
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Margarita - Straight Up

A classic cocktail you may take a break from, but you always end up going back.
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Ginger Punch

A wonderful mixture of spiced rum, fresh ginger, honey and ginger ale, delicious!
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