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So it's October again, which means I'm back on my bike.  For the third year in a row I'm part of Team Negroni raising money for bartenders battling cancer.

The challenge, to cycle 1000 miles within the month of October, that's 32.25 miles a day for 31 consecutive days.  No walk in the park, but then battling cancer is no easy feat either.  So to show my support for the bravery of people dealing with this every day, I will be getting on my bike and hopefully raising awareness and money.

Please please please if I could ask you to donate even a few dollars it would be so greatly appreciated, I'm aiming for $1 per mile, so $1000 total, and anything you can spare to help me move toward that goal would be amazing!

If you would like to donate here's the link:

Each day I'll be posting my progress, and accompanying videos will be posted on Instagram @andypearsondrinks


Andy Pearson Drinks

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