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Created by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1945 at his iconic watering hole Harry's Bar, Venice

The ultimate if fruit and fizz

An ever-present cocktail in any self-respecting cocktail bar since the day it was first created.

Please note there is no such thing as a Peach Belllini, it is simply a Bellini, in much the same way they don't call Chinese food 'Chinese Food' in China, there it is simply know as 'food'!

How to make a Bellini cocktail at home


  • 100ml Prosecco
  • 45ml White Peach Puree
  • Garnish - None required, although a slice of fresh peach on the rim of the glass is always a nice addition I think


  • Pour the ingredients into a mixing glass
  • Swirl for 10-12 seconds to combine the ingredients without shaking them too vigorously
  • Pour in a chilled flute
  • Add a slice of peach if you're feeling sassy!

Andy's Top Tip - If you feel this cocktail isn't 'peachy' enough for you, add 10ml of peach liqueur.  Warning!  Do not let peach schnapps near this drink!

A strawberry version of this cocktail is called a Rossini, the recipe for which is also available on this website.

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