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Bacon & Black Pepper Bloody Mary

Andy Pearson

Andy says...

The bacon element works really well with the spicy tomato

You might like to add a cheeky celery stick and an olive, or even push the boat out and add a bacon bit rim!

How to make a Bacon & Black Pepper Bloody Mary cocktail at home


35ml Vodka

120ml Master of Mixes Loaded Bloody Mary Mixer

2 Pinches Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Garnish - 2 Strips of Cooked Bacon plus dealers choice from a celery stick, olives, bacon bit rim or pile on the whole lot!


  • Pour the vodka and the Bloody Mary Mixer into an ice-filled glass
  • Grind fresh black pepper on the top
  • Slip in a couple of strips of bacon and whatever else takes your fancy
Andy Pearson Drinks

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