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Mango Bourbon Sour

Andy Pearson

Andy says...

Mango and Bourbon together at last!

The beautiful flavour of the mango mixer in this drink is fantastic, and it marries with the stone fruit flavour in the Bourbon magnificently well.

How to make a Mango Bourbon Sour cocktail at home


60ml Bourbon

60ml Master of Mixes Mango Daiquiri / Margarita Mixer

60ml Master of Mixes Whiskey Sour Mixer

Garnish - Orange twist and a stemmed cherry


  • Pour the ingredients into a shaker
  • Fill the shaker with ice (and the rocks glass at the same time) and shake
  • Strain into your ice-filled glass
  • Add your garnish

Andy's Top Tip - Why not marinate your own fresh cherries in Bourbon for an extra edge?

Andy Pearson Drinks

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