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Bloody Mary

Andy Pearson

Andy says...

The all-time leader in hangover cures

How to make a Bloody Mary cocktail at home


  • 35ml Vodka
  • 3 Drops Hot Sauce
  • 6 Drops Worcestershire Sauce
  • 15ml Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 1 Large Pinch Sea Salt Flakes
  • Top with Premium Tomato Juice
  • 1 Large Pinch Fresh Black Pepper on top
  • Garnish - Something fun and edible, whatever you feel like (and a celery stick if you're that way inclined, I personally can't stand the stuff, arrggg!)


  • Pour all the ingredients into an ice-filled highball glass in the order listed, leaving the pepper till last so that it floats on the surface
  • Give the mixture a brief stir with a spoon
  • Garnish and enjoy!

Andy's Top Tip - Don't be tempted to shake a Bloody Mary, the tomato juice doesn't like being agitated too much, in fact who does?

Andy Pearson Drinks

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